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Photo of Kimberly P. Hafley
Kimberly P. Hafley Director of Business Development, Client Relations & Recruitment
Lansing T 517.371.8112
Grand Rapids T 616.796.2515
Southfield, Lansing T 248.538.6324
Photo of Robert A. Hamor
Robert A. Hamor Shareholder
Southfield T 248.785.4737
Photo of Thailan N. Hang
Thailan N. Hang Paralegal
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2228
Southfield T 248.785.4739
Photo of Scott H. Hogan
Scott H. Hogan Shareholder
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2207
Photo of Michael D. Homier
Michael D. Homier Shareholder
Grand Rapids, Lansing T 616.726.2230
Photo of Todd W. Hoppe
Todd W. Hoppe Shareholder
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2246
Lansing T 517.371.8205
Photo of Matt G. Hrebec
Matt G. Hrebec Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8256
Photo of Erica E. L. Huddas
Erica E. L. Huddas Senior Attorney
Lansing T 517.371.8323

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