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Legal Basics Videos

Foster Swift business attorneys in Michigan realize entrepreneurs and business owners have lots of legal questions so we've developed a library of short videos to provide basic legal information on some of the more frequently asked questions. The video collection will continue to grow as we see trends among our clients' needs.   

Please remember, the content is for general information purposes and is not a substitute for consulting with a business lawyer licensed to practice law in Michigan.

Business Basics Video Library

Business Starter Series
Up and Running Series
Entertainment Business Series
Local government
Tax Exempt Series

Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC videos are intended to provide general information. THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Individuals viewing the video should consult an attorney to determine how the information applies to any specific situation before taking any action.


Securities Exemptions 101
Convertible Promissory Notes
Michigan Sales Tax Update
Michigan Sales and Use Tax Audits: What You Need to Know
Fallacies of Marketing Legally
Get It in Writing: Contracts
Financing Your Vision
Covenants Not to Compete

Employer Services

Employee Benefits: Retirement Plan Issues
Employee Benefits: Cafeteria Plan
Employee Benefits: Retirement Plan Failures
Employee Benefits: Importance of Proper Counsel
ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans): As a Succession Planning Tool
Employee Classification
Employee vs Independent Contractor
At Will Employment: What You Need to Know About Hiring and Firing

Entertainment Law

How to Turn Your Book Into a Movie
I Have a Script and I Want to Make a Movie
Tips for Finding Investors for Your Film
Film Financing
Tips for Distributing Your Film
3 Tips for Creating a Reality TV Show
Music Licensing 3 Tips
Will You Read My Script?

Intellectual Property

Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Third Party Vendor Management: Introduction
Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Third Party Vendor Management: Shifting Focus
How Do I Protect My Ideas?
First Steps in Protecting a Trademark
Selecting A Trademark
Copyright Basics: 3 Tips for Small Businesses Regarding Copyright
Intellectual Property: Copyrights
The Biggest Mistakes When Dealing With Copyrights
IP Basics
Patent Basics

Small Business Resources

How to Form an LLC
Crowdfunding: Update on Title III Rules
Tax Planning for Family Businesses
Why You Must File a Form 990
Forming A Charity: 501(c)(3) Organization
The Difference Between Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt
Selecting Professional Advisors for Your Small Business
Vendor Management
Record Retention
Crowdfunding: Income is Taxable
Service Agreements: Promote Smooth Working Relationships
Crowdfunding 101
Forming a Business Entity
What's in a Name?

Other Videos

A Systematic Plan for Debt Collection
Alternative Dispute Resolution: Facilitative Mediation
Alternative Dispute Resolution: Selecting a Mediator
Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA)
How to Evaluate Investment Opportunities
Small Claims Court
Cease & Desist: What to Do When You Receive the Letter
Proactive Approach to FMLA and ADA Requests Can Minimize Exposure to Future Liability