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Statewide Reach

First and foremost, a Michigan law firm

Size and geography say a lot about a law firm’s practice philosophy and mission. With nearly 100 attorneys across the state, Foster Swift is committed to its original focus and values to serve the interests of Michigan’s businesses, local governments, organizations and individuals — both within our state and beyond our borders including international.

Foster Swift continues to grow and develop in order to effectively address the growing and changing client needs and opportunities. Presently, it is the biggest firm in the state capital and 13th largest in the state according to the 2020 survey completed by Michigan Lawyers Weekly. The firm has offices in Lansing, Southfield, Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Holland.

Technology plays a key role in Foster Swift's ability to deliver exceptional results to clients. Cell phones, email and voicemail provide clients the utmost in accessibility to their attorneys. Video conferencing allows face-to-face meetings with individuals from around the world reducing travel time and costs. Sophisticated document management systems and case management software create great efficiencies in legal strategy development, document creation and file management — all assist our attorneys in obtaining the best possible results for clients.