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Diversity in our workplace enhances our personal and professional lives and increases our ability to serve our clients.  Differences make life richer and more rewarding.  

The firm’s Diversity Committee, formed in 1993, reflects our commitment to this issue.  It strives to attract and retain more diverse lawyers and staff, creating a firm that better resembles the communities we serve.  These are the same values reflected in the American Corporate Counsel Association's Diversity in the Workplace Statement of Principle, a diversity initiative adopted by a growing number of our clients.

While advancing its mission to build to a culture where everyone in the firm can succeed professionally and personally, the committee focuses on educational programming, community involvement and recruiting.  For example, in 2018, the Committee:

  • Delivered two educational lunch and learns - one session focused on “Bullying: The Schoolyard and Beyond” and the second was on “A Look Through the Stained Glass: Increasing Cultural and Religious Awareness in the Workplace.”
  • Supported Peppermint Creek Theatre (PCTC) productions with a total of 30 attorneys or staff attending at least one production. The firm also provided branded playbook bookmarks with relevant questions to promote healthy dialog about the production.
  • Sponsored six bar-related diversity projects, including sponsorship of a $5,000 scholarship at the Wolverine Bar Association’s Barristers’ Ball.
  • Supported six community service projects – 2 efforts each in Lansing, Grand Rapids and Southfield offices.
  • Funded membership and firm attorney involvement in two minority chambers.
  • Via the marketing budget the firm sponsored 13 community events with significant diversity components.
  • Improved internal and external communications on the firm's diversity program.

Juneteenth and Beyond
In recent weeks, there has been an undeniably overdue national and even global call for change in how the issues of racial injustice, bias, and privilege are addressed. Important, difficult conversations are happening, and the time is now for all of us to change the way our society perceives and treats people of color. Change cannot be limited to just the way we think about these issues; meaningful change will only come through our actions...to continue reading

2017 Regional Diversity Star Award

Foster Swift received the Lansing Economic Area Partnership's 2017 Regional Diversity Star Award.

Lansing Economic Area Partnership recognizes companies who demonstrate best practices in creating a diverse and welcoming place where global talent wants to work and succeed, which has a direct impact on our local economy.