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Taylor Gast CultureAt Foster Swift we recognize that, as important as it is to work hard, it is equally important to enjoy your work and to like the people with whom you work. 

Our firm not only appreciates the value of our work but we also value each other as colleagues. It is why Foster Swift wants to hire people interested in developing and growing professionally and personally.


As we continue to expand, our priority remains on the quality of our staff and our services. As such, we are focused on attracting experienced attorneys with well-established practices, who can help us serve the needs of a growing client base in Michigan and beyond.


The firm offers highly competitive compensation and benefits packages to our attorneys and staff. 

All new employees receive thorough training and ongoing mentoring and supervision. Our attorneys and staff receive annual reviews, and we work with our employees to establish and achieve their goals for career advancement.

We are proud of the workplace we have built for our attorneys and staff. It is collegial and vibrant, a place where people enjoy coming to work every day.