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Lateral Attorneys

Nearly 50 percent of our shareholders were attracted to Foster Swift from other firms.  These experienced attorneys were drawn here by the opportunity to work on challenging and sophisticated matters in a culture where people are team players.

Here are a couple of examples of what we mean.  When his former firm closed its Lansing office in 2007, Richard Kraus made a choice.  He joined Foster Swift and stayed in the state capital because, as he put it, “I’ve been an appellate lawyer for 30 years.  I reasoned I could best serve my clients by being part of a full-service firm based in Lansing which is convenient to the state and federal appeals courts.”

Richard also said he wanted to be with a full-service firm, especially one with a leading health care practice.  “I also liked that I knew a lot of Foster Swift’s lawyers well, and had practiced with them for years.”

When Alex joined Foster Swift in 2007, he was still a relatively new attorney.   It was important for him to be part of a firm that provided him a competitive edge as he began to build his practice, while offering a collegial work environment.  Foster Swift, with its small-firm culture and large-firm resources, turned out to be the perfect fit.  "Foster Swift provided me with the tools and resources to take my practice to a new level.  From the beginning, I was immediately struck by the quality and professionalism of everyone at the firm.  The people here - both staff and attorneys alike - really care and are devoted to their careers."

The high standards Alex sets for himself led to his election as the 2011-2012 president of the Chaldean-American Bar Association. This recognition by his peers is an endorsement of his practical, proactive and results-oriented approach to recognizing challenges and resolving them successfully. Alex makes the most of these attributes and the extensive resources Foster Swift provides, as he works tirelessly on behalf of his clients.