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Legal Basics Videos


Qualified Opportunity Funds
Tax Planning for Farm Losses
Securities Exemptions 101
Convertible Promissory Notes
Michigan Sales Tax Update
Michigan Sales and Use Tax Audits: What You Need to Know
Fallacies of Marketing Legally
Get It in Writing: Contracts
Financing Your Vision
Covenants Not to Compete

Employer Services

Employee Benefits: Retirement Plan Issues
Employee Benefits: Cafeteria Plan
Employee Benefits: Retirement Plan Failures
Employee Benefits: Importance of Proper Counsel
ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans): As a Succession Planning Tool
Employee Classification
Employee vs Independent Contractor
At Will Employment: What You Need to Know About Hiring and Firing

Entertainment Law

How to Turn Your Book Into a Movie
I Have a Script and I Want to Make a Movie
Tips for Finding Investors for Your Film
Film Financing
Tips for Distributing Your Film
3 Tips for Creating a Reality TV Show
Music Licensing 3 Tips
Will You Read My Script?

Intellectual Property

What are Provisional Patents?
Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Third Party Vendor Management: Introduction
Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Third Party Vendor Management: Shifting Focus
How Do I Protect My Ideas?
First Steps in Protecting a Trademark
Selecting A Trademark
Copyright Basics: 3 Tips for Small Businesses Regarding Copyright
Intellectual Property: Copyrights
The Biggest Mistakes When Dealing With Copyrights
IP Basics
Patent Basics

Small Business Resources

How to Form an LLC
Crowdfunding: Update on Title III Rules
Tax Planning for Family Businesses
Why You Must File a Form 990
Forming A Charity: 501(c)(3) Organization
The Difference Between Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt
Selecting Professional Advisors for Your Small Business
Vendor Management
Record Retention
Crowdfunding: Income is Taxable
Service Agreements: Promote Smooth Working Relationships
Crowdfunding 101
Forming a Business Entity
What's in a Name?

Other Videos

A Systematic Plan for Debt Collection
Alternative Dispute Resolution: Facilitative Mediation
Alternative Dispute Resolution: Selecting a Mediator
Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA)
How to Evaluate Investment Opportunities
Small Claims Court
Cease & Desist: What to Do When You Receive the Letter
Proactive Approach to FMLA and ADA Requests Can Minimize Exposure to Future Liability