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Foster Swift Attorneys Offer Advice for Those Interested in Law School

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Detroit Legal News
April 29, 2021

Lansing, Mich. —Law Day is an annual holiday that celebrates the rule of law and provides an opportunity to reflect on how law and the legal process benefits our nation. As Law Day publicity often spurs research on legal careers, Foster Swift created a free resource to provide guidance to prospective law students.  

Often, the information online about the law school application and admissions process lacks first-hand knowledge, experience and a human element. In order to address this, Foster Swift attorneys compiled advice from their collective experience and created a video series that gives a comprehensive view into what law school and a career in law entails.

This informational video series was designed with undergraduate students in mind and assists those looking to get more information on the process of becoming a lawyer in the state of Michigan from real attorneys who have themselves been through the process. The videos address questions and issues that prospective law students should consider as they enter the legal landscape as well as practical insights like selecting a law school, succeeding in law school and what private practice really looks like after graduation.

The goals of this free video series are to ease some doubts, set proper expectations and better prepare prospective law students for a successful legal career.

The video series is an example of Foster Swift’s commitment to community; a significant part of Foster Swift’s culture is involvement - both in and outside of the firm. Outside the firm, nearly half of our associates hold board positions with local community organizations. Additionally, the firm grants associates ‘Business Development’ accounts that they can use to support community efforts. Inside the firm, there’s an Associate Committee comprised of six associates at different levels of tenure at the firm in order to provide a forum to enhance communication and camaraderie among associate attorneys.

Those interested in accessing our free video series can visit https://www.fosterswift.com/careers-aspiring-attorneys.html