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Photo of Scott L. Mandel
Scott L. Mandel Senior Attorney
Lansing T 517.371.8185
Photo of Paula K. Manis
Paula K. Manis Senior Attorney
Lansing T 517.371.8290
Lansing T 517.371.8172
Photo of Lindsey M. Mead
Lindsey M. Mead Associate
Lansing T 517.371.8326
Photo of Thomas R. Meagher
Thomas R. Meagher Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8161
Photo of Douglas A. Mielock
Douglas A. Mielock Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8203
Photo of Paul J. Millenbach
Paul J. Millenbach Shareholder
Southfield T 248.539.9908
Photo of Jennifer L. Montasir
Jennifer L. Montasir Senior Attorney
Southfield T 248.785.4742
Photo of Mikhail  Murshak
Mikhail Murshak Senior Attorney
Lansing T 517.371.8103
Photo of Inna  Musser
Inna Musser Paralegal
Lansing T 517.371.8263
Photo of Lisa A. Myers
Lisa A. Myers Southfield Office Manager
Southfield T 248.538.6329

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