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Dora Brantley Receives "Excellence in Defense" Award

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Michigan Defense Trial Counsel
March 21, 2024

Foster Swift litigator and trial attorney, Dora A. Brantley, received the Michigan Defense Trial Counsel's (MDTC) 2024 "Excellence in Defense" Award at their annual Legal Excellence Awards Dinner.

This award recognizes those civil defense counsel who have over a number of years through their professionalism, intelligence, creativity, judgment, personality, sensitivity, civility, advocacy skills, community involvement and efforts to educate younger attorneys, promoted the practice of the defense bar and the representation of their clients both in and outside of the courtroom.

As lead counsel, Dora has successfully defended professional liability claims and claims brought against:

  • Restaurants and hospitality companies
  • Manufacturers, transportation carriers and drivers
  • Employers
  • Landlords and homeowners
  • Small business owners and,
  • Governmental entities and their employees.

Dora has the honor of being the only attorney who has been selected by two Fortune 500 fast food corporations to defend claims and litigation involving a variety of issues, including tort liability and alleged civil rights violations. She is also one of only two attorneys who have been selected by a Fortune 500 hospitality corporation to defend tort and civil rights claims and litigation brought against them.