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The Benefits of Chapter 11 During Pandemic under Small Business Reorganization Act

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November 2, 2020

Bankruptcy attorney Scott Chernich is one of the legal advisors consulted in a recent article published by MiBiz, New Chapter 11 laws offer small businesses a timely, cost-effective lifeline.

The article discusses how the Small Business Reorganization Act, which became effective in February 2020, has become a savior of small businesses filing Chapter 11 in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

See the full article here: mibiz.com/sections/finance/new-chapter-11-laws-offer-small-businesses-a-timely-cost-effective-lifeline?highlight=WyJzY290dCIsInNjb3R0J3MiLCJjaGVybmljaCIsInNjb3R0IGNoZXJuaWNoIl0=