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Alternative Reproductive Technology Law

Infertility challenges are a very personal issue and can be physically and emotionally draining on a good day. Foster Swift attorney Jennifer Montasir has experienced this very insight herself and believes that sharing her personal journey can help her clients as they navigate a similar experience. If you have concerns about navigating the process and any legal requirements, you may want to check out the following videos:

We provide all legal services associated with assisted reproductive technology. Specific services will vary depending upon whether you are the intended parents, surrogate, and depending on the specific needs of each individual situation. Some of the legal services we provide are:

  • Counsel regarding assisted reproductive technology options based on your needs;
  • Counsel and guidance regarding the search and selection of a surrogate;
  • Counsel and guidance in qualifying the surrogate prior to entering into an agreement;
  • Counsel and guidance throughout the surrogacy process to navigate all different aspects;
  • Counsel regarding payment of surrogate expenses and record maintenance for these payments;
  • Preparation and filing of Court documents necessary to facilitate the arrangement between the intended parents and surrogate;
  • Coordination with the birth hospital to ensure that the medical staff is equipped to honor the needs of both the intended parents and surrogate;
  • Counsel and guidance regarding future of relationship with surrogate when child is born;
  • Preparation or review of Contracts and other important documents related to egg donation, embryo preservation, embryo donation, and other similar options;

Most of our post-surrogacy services involve counseling and guidance to navigate the parameters of the relationship between the intended parents, surrogate, and child. There is no right answer but discovering what is best for each individual circumstance takes much consideration. We are here to help you discover the best arrangement which may mean in some instances, the intended parents and surrogate may agree to part ways permanently. In others, everyone may collectively decide to remain in contact either through our assistance or on their own. This decision does not have to be made at the outset of the surrogacy journey, but we are here to help guide you as you consider the best option for your family.