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What Can My Business Contribute to a Campaign?

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Legal Strategies for Women Leaders
March 5, 2024

Back for its third year, Foster Swift Collins & Smith’s “Legal Strategies for Women Leaders” webinar series is a program crafted to help women business leaders stay abreast of new laws, regulations and other beneficial resources. Each session will begin at 9 am EST and will last roughly 30 minutes.

These sessions provide ample opportunities for participants to ask questions and discuss the legal opportunities and challenges that women leaders face. With 2024 being an election year, the first session is scheduled for:

This session will feature municipal & election law attorney Mallory Reader. Mallory will be discussing the topic of “campaign financing” along with:

  • What business are allowed and not allowed to do when contributing to a political campaign.
    • Who can donate and how much?
  • Is an election committee needed?
    • When is it needed?
    • How do you set one up?
  • What penalties can your business face for violating any campaign laws?

Other Legal Strategy sessions in the coming months include: 

  • Tuesday, June 4 – Business & IP attorney, Lindsey Mead, will be discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is being used by businesses along with the opportunities/risks of using AI. Lindsey will also include some current trends that she is seeing such as copyright infringement claims and the use of AI by financial institutions to review/approve financing.
  • Wednesday, October 16 - Litigator Kelly Reed Lucas will be discussing the topic of “mediation” i.e. what it is, when to do it, why to do it, and what to expect in the process.