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Richardson Named VP of MDTC

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July 28, 2017

Josh Richardson, an attorney shareholder with the Lansing office of Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC, has recently been named the Vice President of the Michigan Defense Trial Counsel (MDTC).

The MDTC is an association comprised of the top lawyers in the state whose sole purpose is dedicating themselves to the excellent representation of both individuals and corporations in matters of civil litigation. The members of the MDTC create tremendous awareness that is felt through their Amicus Briefs: legal documents that are handed over by non-parties that can provide relevance and have interest in the case. These are often filed by the express invitation of the Supreme Court. The organization reaches the masses through their well-received seminars and quarterly publications. Being a member of the MDTC also has the benefits of meeting potential new clients and collaborating with other attorneys.

In addition to being named Vice President, Richardson also serves on the MDTC's sponsorship and Future Planning committees. Despite his new responsibilities, the Michigan State University and Indiana University School of Law graduate still finds the time to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Club of Lansing, a position that he has held since 2008. The areas of law that he primarily practices in are commercial, employment and real property litigation, information technology law and premises liability.