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Remote Notarization and Witnessing Services Available

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Michael C. Zahrt
Foster Swift Legal Update E-blast
April 15, 2020

Signing DocumentExecutive Order 2020-41 relaxed the requirements for notaries and witnesses in a way that allows for no-contact notarizations and witnessing via videoconferencing technology. Prior to the Order, remote notarization was only available on a very limited basis through certain vendors approved by the Secretary of State. The Order provides a stringent set of procedures that must be followed in order for the notarization or witnessing to be valid. These procedures are meant to ensure that the identity of the signatory can be verified and the document being signed cannot be changed after signing.

This Order will benefit those seeking to update their estate plans and those with real estate transactions wishing to avoid a “curb-side closing.”  If you find yourself in either of these situations and wish to receive legal assistance in a “no-contact” manner, contact your Foster Swift representative today.

For more resources on the impact of COVID-19, check out our Coronavirus Legal Resource Page on the Foster Swift website.

This update is current as of time of publication. Due to rapidly changing circumstances and regulations, we encourage you to confirm with your attorney and/or other advisors to make sure you are operating with the most current information.