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Legal Professional of the Year

Congratulations to Foster Swift Legal Secretary Heidi Hopper for being named NALS of Michigan "Legal Professional of the Year." In addition, Heidi was elected President of NALS of Michigan on Saturday!

Don't Wait for a Cyber Attack

On May 3, join Foster Swift and Application Specialist Kompany (ASK) for an eye opening morning of cyber-security education. You will walk away with the tools necessary to confront cyber-security threats head on.

Legal Essentials to Export

On May 4, join Foster Swift and Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) for the next "Legal Essentials To Export" Toolkit event called "Intellectual Property & Foreign Business Partner Contract And Export Control Overview Compliance Training." Register now!

Blogs Worth The Read

If you are not subscribed to our blogs, you may want to reconsider. Our attorneys write blogs in seven areas ranging from Equine Law to Health Care Law. Click here to learn more about our blogs and subscribe today.