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Summary Language Approved for Proposed Ballot Initiative to Repeal Renewable Energy Siting Law

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Municipal Law Team
Municipal Law News E-blast
January 22, 2024

On January 19, 2024, the Bureau of Elections approved the summary of purpose as drafted by the Director of Elections for the initiative petition sponsored by the organization “Citizens for Local Choice,” which seeks to repeal the recently enacted laws moving some siting authority for large renewable energy facilities to the Public Service Commission. The approved summary of purpose is as follows:

Initiation of legislation to: amend the clean and renewable energy and energy waste reduction act by repealing statewide requirements for the construction and development of certain wind and solar energy facilities and energy storage facilities, including: assessment of environmental, natural resources, and farmland impact; wages and benefits requirements for workers; setback distance; size and height of structures; and amount of light and sound emitted. If enacted, this proposal would allow local units of government to determine their own standards for such facilities.

This approval by the Bureau of Elections means that proponents of the ballot initiative may start collecting petition signatures. For the proposal to appear on the November 2024 ballot, the required number of signatures must be submitted by May 29.

If you have further questions concerns about this development, please contact a member of our municipal law team.