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2nd Wednesday Morning Break with Foster Swift

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June 25, 2020

Morning Break with Foster Swift

Listen to Deanna Swisher discuss this event on Michigan Business Network's "Michigan Business Beat".

LANSING, Mich.—As Michigan businesses open and employees return to work, owners and managers are facing a landscape altered by COVID. To help clients and friends of the firm stay abreast of the latest legal topics in finance, real estate, collections and bankruptcy, Foster Swift continues to find unique ways to share information.

Beginning July 8, 2020, Foster Swift will be hosting a free virtual Morning Break on the second Wednesday of each month. The goal of this is to bring together interested clients and friends in the Finance, Real Estate and Bankruptcy Practice Group and provide a forum to discuss a brewing legal topic. We will replace the traditional webinar with a Zoom meeting to encourage questions, contributions and the conversation that we’ve been missing while working from home.

While not a substitute for legal advice, ‘2nd Wednesday Morning Break’ will give business owners and managers an opportunity to gain insight, in this changing environment, and to ask general questions. As this program moves forward in the coming months, Foster Swift will listen to feedback and comments on the structure and content of our “virtual coffee break”, as we are looking for ways to best serve our community of clients and friends.

As Foster Swift attorney Patricia Scott attests; “COVID has been a frank reminder of how adaptable and resilient businesses must be to succeed. It is imperative to stay informed on the latest legal issues and how they impact your company, and take action when needed.”

The first Morning Break is scheduled for July 8 at 9 am EST, and will last about 30 minutes. Foster Swift attorneys Deanna Swisher and Patricia Scott will be discussing ‘Creative Collections.’ The conversation will cover unique ways to face the challenges of collections, including open accounts without contracts in a post-COVID climate.

For registration information, visit https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEvd-6gqjMqGNbZvIqKH_8DLH_fuzJ9qvlr