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Rusek and Thomas Win Dismissal of Criminal Charges in Flint Water Crisis Prosecutions

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May 22, 2023

Foster Swift attorneys Alexander Rusek and Toi Thomas have won dismissal of all criminal charges arising out of the Flint Water Crisis against their client following a hearing on their Motion to Dismiss Indictment on May 22, 2023. The client was originally charged in December 2016 and has faced various criminal charges arising from his former position with the City of Flint during the events known as the Flint Water Crisis (in addition to being named in a multitude of civil class and mass actions). The dismissal comes after the client spent over 800 days on bond in this matter and previously spent 911 days on bond on his previous charges, which were dismissed in 2019.

“Today's dismissal, after years of an unnecessary, costly and misguided prosecution, is both the legally correct and just outcome for Mr. Croft,” defense attorney Alex Rusek said.” Alex appeared in a segment on Mid-Michigan Now to discuss the dismissal: https://fb.watch/kLvnPcqeG8/ 

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