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Two Michigan Businesses Honored with Prestigious President’s “E” Awards

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Redi-Rock and Foster Swift are among just 39 businesses in the United States recognized for making major contributions to national export growth.
November 18, 2020

E Award logoLANSING, Mich. –  During a year that has been especially tough for businesses, two Michigan companies have risen to the top. Redi-Rock International and Foster Swift Collins & Smith are being recognized by the President and the U.S. Department of Commerce for their innovative ideas and expertise in the world of global exports.

Redi-Rock recently received the President’s “E” Award for Exporting, while Foster Swift was honored with the President’s “E” Award for Export Service, the highest honors U.S. entities can receive for making significant contributions to the expansion of U.S. exports.

“We believe you don’t look at international barriers, but international opportunities,” said Andrew Nickodemus, Global Account Manager at Redi-Rock. “We’re looking to help change the world, in concrete ways.”

In five years, Redi-Rock quintupled the number of jobs provided in Michigan and overseas, the company expanded from four international customers to 23 international manufacturers. Speaking during a recent panel interview with Foster Swift, the company is sharing information and resources so that other Michigan businesses gain access to similar opportunities.

“Redi-Rock is such a truly innovative company when it comes to not only their products, but how they see obstacles as opportunities,” said Jean Schtokal, an international business and trade attorney at Foster Swift. “They found creative ways to connect with organizations and manufacturers all over the globe, while protecting their intellectual property. They’re doing good around the world by creating these other business opportunities while also growing their company in Michigan.”

As Chair of the West Michigan District Export Council and Executive in Residence at the International Business Center at MSU’s Broad College of Business, Schtokal lends her expertise in the world of law and exports.

U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross praised the firm’s work with Federal, State, and local strategic partners to identify low-cost and no-cost services to further clients’ export growth, saying, “Foster Swift Collins & Smith’s achievements have undoubtedly contributed to national export expansion efforts that support the U.S. economy and create American jobs.”

The President’s “E” Award was created in 1961 by Executive Order of the President of the United States. Learn more by visiting export.gov. For more on the resources available to companies in the state of Michigan, visit https://www.fosterswift.com/f-international-business-resources.html