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Motor Vehicle Accidents And Your Business

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Foster Swift Second Wednesday Lunch Break
October 12, 2022

Semi-Truck AccidentMost of the time all goes well on the road but accidents happen and when they do, you need to be prepared. Whether operating heavy farm equipment on a dirt road, dispatching semi drivers across state lines for a supply chain company or making a simple delivery, knowing what to do in the heat of a stressful moment can mean the difference between a minor infraction and major damage control and possible lawsuit for your business.

Please join us next week for our October 2nd Wednesday Lunch Break on “Motor Vehicle Accidents and Your Business” with litigator Dirk Beckwith. If your business involves the use of drivers, vehicles (vans, semi-trucks, etc.) and especially insurance, you will not want to miss this segment.

In this episode, Dirk discusses the proper steps a driver should take immediately after a motor vehicle accident has occurred along with tips to avoid making a bigger mess of the situation.

Dirk practices in the areas of commercial litigation, transportation and logistics, construction and insurance defense and has a wealth of experience representing transportation companies, motor carriers and railroads.