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Hosting USEF Licensed Competitions and Managing Risks in Today’s Environment: Part I - Understanding Your General Liability Coverage

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U.S. Equestrian Federation
July 10, 2023

Please join us for an informative webinar about understanding your general liability insurance coverage as well as risk management. Julie Fershtman will explain why it is important for organizers of USEF Licensed Competitions to better understand:

  1. Whether you have the coverage you think you have. Liability insurance policies for events do not always cover, and may even exclude, claims of injured participants;
  2. Liability waiver/release documents, and the importance of having participants, licensed officials, staff, and volunteers of legal age sign these documents, as well as the importance of these documents complying with unique, state-specific requirements;
  3. Whether a state equine activity liability act includes provisions that -apply to your event;
  4. Making no assumptions about your insurer’s requirements and communicating with your insurance agent to determine, for example, whether your insurance company requires people to sign a stand-alone waiver/release.