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The Who, What, When and How of Campaign Finance

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Foster Swift Second Wednesday Morning Break
June 8, 2022

Business Writing a CheckElection season is heating up in Michigan and you might be wondering how you can get involved. Besides voting, the easiest way to help out a particular campaign or support an issue is to donate. This also happens to be the most regulated aspect of an election; the Michigan Campaign Finance Act governs all aspects of donations made for the purpose of supporting or opposing a candidate or ballot question.

So, what limits apply to you? That all depends on whether you are an individual or a business, how much you want to donate, what is being said and when it is being said, as well as a number of other factors.   

Join us for our next Second Wednesday Morning Break where we will discuss: The Who, What, When and How of Campaign Finance. This session will cover how and to whom you can donate, both from an individual and business perspective and other areas of campaign finance law.

This session will feature moderator Patricia Scott and election law attorney, Cody Mott, who will discuss the following aspects of campaign donations:

  1. Who can donate to a political campaign: can your business contribute?
  2. What and how much can be donated?
  3. When do you need a political action committee (PAC) or another type of committee?
    How do you set one up?
  4. What are the penalties for violating campaign laws?