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Minors and Health Care

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Michigan Medical Billers Association - Lansing Chapter
October 12, 2011


  • Consent for treatment - Who can (and cannot) consent to the medical treatment of minors?
  • Treatment w/o parent – When can minors get treatment without parental consent or involvement?
  • Informed Consent - At what age can a minor give informed consent?
  • Release of information - Who is entitled to review or receive a minor's medical records?
  • Privacy - When can a provider refuse to release a minor's medical information?
  • Record Retention - How long must a provider retain a minor's medical records?
  • Abuse Reporting Requirements - Who must report suspected child abuse and what actions must be taken?
  • Financial - What government health care benefits are available to minors?  
  • Payment for Services - Who is responsible for paying for a minor's medical treatment in divorce situations?