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Executive Order: Revised Requirement for Businesses and Other Organizations

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Taylor A. Gast
Foster Swift Legal Update E-blast
July 19, 2020

Michigan CoronavirusToday Governor Whitmer replaced Executive Order 2020-147 with Executive Order (“EO”) 2020-153. EO 2020-153 is largely the same as 2020-147 with one significant exception for businesses, government offices, and other operations open to the public. These establishments were required to refuse entry to any individual not wearing a face covering, unless an exception applies, as we previously discussed here. A new requirement in EO 2020-153 states that:

A business may not assume that someone who enters the business without a face covering falls in one of the exceptions specified in section 2 of this order, including the exception for individuals who cannot medically tolerate a face covering. A business may, however, accept a customer’s verbal representation that they are not wearing a face covering because they fall within a specified exception.

Additionally, the EO adds a new exception to the face covering requirement for individuals at a polling place for purposes of voting in an election.

EO 2020-153 is effective immediately.

To comply with EO 2020-153, organizations should become familiar with the permitted exceptions under 2020-153 and develop a procedure for confirming that all entrants are either wearing a mask or specify which exception applies to them.

For assistance with your compliance plan or any questions related to EO 2020-153, please contact:

For questions or assistance related to COVID-19, you may contact your Foster Swift attorney or a member of Foster Swift’s Coronavirus Task Force:

This article is current as of time of publication. Due to rapidly changing circumstances and updated regulations, we encourage you to confirm with your attorney and/or other advisors to make sure you are operating with the most current information.