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You've Been Breached! An Interactive Incident Response Simulation

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Presented by SIKICH
March 19, 2019

Worried that your organization may be open to a security breach?

Join one of two upcoming interactive incident response simulation training seminars entitled You've Been Breached! These training sessions focus on the point at which the incident begins and follows a multiple-choice escalation path that can result in one of several outcomes. Along the way, participants will receive a unique education where they will be placed in the shoes of a business executive during a breach: weighing difficult decisions, conversing with a panel of industry experts and ultimately deciding the fate of their organization.

Participants will not only learn how to navigate security breaches through real-life examples during these hands-on simulations, but also on how to redefine incident response objectives to assist their own organizations. A panel of experts which may include legal counsel, third-party incident response members and FBI agents will be available to discuss their roles in the event of a data breach and share relevant anecdotes.

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