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WEBINAR | Open Meetings Act/Freedom of Information Act: What Every Library Should Know

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October 11, 2011

As public bodies, Michigan libraries must be "transparent," complying with both the Michigan Open Meetings Act (OMA) and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  This webinar focused on the basic requirements of both Acts.  We discussed when and how a library board may move into closed session, the notice requirements in the OMA, meeting minute issues and penalties for violations.

This webinar also addressed a library's responsibility to respond to FOIA requests, including the time limits, exempt information and the specific content of response letters.  The purpose of this session was to give trustees and library staff a better understand of the laws and how to comply.


Anne M. Seurynck, Library Law Attorney

This was the third of many webinars that Foster Swift will present in conjunction with the Cooperative Directors Association throughout the year.  The sessions will be focused on questions and issues that Library Trustees may raise.  However, all Trustees, Directors and staff are welcome and encouraged to attend without charge.

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