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Webinar: A Current Guide to Municipal Bonds and Debt

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April 20, 2016

As local governments and school districts face ever-increasing budget constraints and capital needs, learn more about municipal borrowing in a free webinar for local governmental units.  Foster Swift bond attorney John Kamins will present the webinar "A Current Guide to Municipal Bonds and Debt" on May 12 from noon to 1 pm. 

John will present on topics including the nuts and bolts of issuing bonds with or without voter approval and who buys bonds and how. Also, John will discuss the Michigan laws controlling how municipalities and schools borrow money or refinance debt, federal tax laws on tax-exempt bonds, and major developments in federal securities laws regulating municipal financial advisors and the disclosure duties of municipal officials.

To watch the webinar recording, click here.

To download the PowerPoint slides from the webinar presentation, click here.