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Spring Weight Restrictions are in Effect

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Dirk H. Beckwith
Foster Swift Agricultural Law News
February 14, 2017

As of noon on February 10, 2017 spring weight restrictions are in effect and enforced on Michigan roads. The spring weight restrictions protect the roads as the ground begins to thaw and the surface of our roads becomes unstable.

While the restrictions are in effect, trucks traveling on "posted or restricted" roads must lighten their load and reduce their speed. The maximum axle load allowable on concrete pavements is reduced by 25 percent and by 35 percent on all other roads.

These restrictions do not apply to all roads. The State posts the restrictions for the roads and highways under its jurisdiction while the local authorities announce the streets and roads under their control affected by the restrictions. Learn which roads are affected in your county, here.

For more information on the weight restrictions, click here.