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Aspiring Attorneys

This video series is designed for undergraduate students looking to get more information on the process of becoming a lawyer in the state of Michigan from real attorneys who have been through the process. 

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The idea came when a former intern shadowed attorneys at Foster Swift. His story is below.

“I knew that law school was my number one option after undergrad since beginning college, and conducted some preliminary research on how and where to make that happen since then. One major flaw in the information I was able to gather was a lack of first-hand knowledge and experience of the process. As I got more serious about pursuing law school, I began to look to the limited network I had to get a conversation with an attorney that had relevant experience. I was lucky to have a mother who had a vast professional network, where she connected me Foster Swift in Lansing.

 I was able to get into the office for an afternoon of individual talks with various attorneys at the firm, from tenured litigation experts to young summer associates still getting through their final year of law school. Over that afternoon, I was able to fill up page after page of notes and advice on topics ranging from choosing a law school to different fields of law that were potential options for me. In that afternoon, I felt that I gathered ten times as much information as I did in the previous two years scouring the internet from blogs to articles to videos. I felt like this information was invaluable for me before taking the expensive next step into law school, where I wanted to be prepared and have proper expectations going forward that didn’t rely on a Google search.

Based on the half day spent at the firm during that summer, FSCS asked me to help coordinate a video series aimed towards undergraduate students like myself that were looking for more information on pursuing law school. I reflected on my questions I had for those attorneys as well as some of the extra practical insights they provided from topics such as selecting a law school, succeeding in law school, and what private practice really looks like as a path for after graduation. I hope you find the information in these videos relevant to your journey towards law school.” – Connor D.