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Michael Lawrence named Foster Swift Professor of Constitutional Law

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February 1, 2017

LANSING - The law firm of Foster Swift Collins & Smith, P.C. is pleased to announce Michael Lawrence as the new Professor of Constitutional Law. Professor Lawrence's recognition is part of MSU Law's efforts to attract and retain talented faculty.

"Smart and enthusiastic faculty are key to producing the next generation of capable legal practitioners," said Mike Sanders, president of Foster Swift. "Supporting Lawrence and MSU Law is a wise investment in the legal talent pool."

Professor Lawrence's scholarship focuses exclusively on the United States Constitution. He explains that the Constitution is a work in progress, from an incredibly flawed document to one that respects civil and individual rights. His favor for the 14th Amendment and Warren Supreme Court Years (1953-1969) reflects his passion for civil liberties, equal protection and due process.

Lawrence's emphasis on justice and respect is evident in the classroom. He enjoys vibrant discussions with individual students in office hours and respectful disagreements in class. As long as everyone moves toward the common goal of justice, Lawrence appreciates when students understand the nuances of the law and engage in high-level conversation.

"The classroom is the most rewarding part of the job," said Lawrence. "I feel grateful for the recognition because I love what I do. I'm honored that Foster Swift found me worthy of this position for researching and teaching something I'm passionate about."

Lawrence's professorship supports MSU Law's Empower Extraordinary fundraising campaign. The college hopes its $5 million goal for endowed professorship and clinical programs will recruit the best and brightest legal faculty for their students.