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WEBINAR | Independent Contractor Or Employee? Misclassification Can Be Costly!

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February 20, 2013

Using independent contractors has been a mainstay for many agri-businesses. Accurate classification of individuals as employees or independent contractors is more important than ever due to data sharing among governmental agencies and increased enforcement. Where the probability that your classification will be challenged has substantially increased, you need to know the potential adverse consequences of misclassification and the steps that you can to take to minimize your risk.

This webinar provided an overview of:

  • The factors that are considered, to determine whether an individual is an employee or an independent contractor
  • The importance of a well-drafted Independent Contractor Agreement
  • The financial repercussions for misclassification
  • What to do if you are audited or if a "contractor" files for unemployment or otherwise calls your classification into question
  • The availability of amnesty programs

The program was led by attorneys Deanna Swisher and Todd Hoppe. Deanna is a commercial litigator with extensive experience with crafting and defending independent contractor agreements. Todd is a business and tax attorney who regularly counsels clients on tax compliance.

Download webinar slides