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Entertainment law attorney releases series of videos for aspiring film & TV writers

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February 11, 2015

Foster Swift entertainment attorney John Mashni has created a series of short videos for the aspiring filmmaker, TV producer, or artist. Designed to provide a quick overview of common areas of entertainment law, these informational videos answer some common questions that individuals frequently ask.  Topics include music licensing, script reading, reality TV show creation and film distribution. 

As an attorney, John has represented many types of entrepreneurs including filmmakers, television producers, musicians and book authors.  Specific matters John has assisted clients with include: 

  • Serving as general counsel on multiple films;
  • Negotiating the sale of a reality TV show to a cable network, securing executive producer credits for first-time television producers;
  • Securing music rights for a feature film;
  • Reviewing agency and management contracts for up-and-coming creatives;
  • Serving as general counsel for a record label;
  • Preparing investor documents for film producers to raise money for a feature film;
  • Reviewing music publishing agreements and arrangements for individuals and record labels; and
  • Advising individuals, companies and tax-exempt organizations regarding the tax implications of IP ownership in an entertainment context. 

Prior to earning his law degree, John worked as the manager of a media department for a large leadership development company. In that capacity, he supervised and coordinated audio, video, web, and print projects for tens of thousands of customers. In addition to managing the department, John performed freelance work on numerous film and video projects, and he has worked as a director, director of photography, audio engineer, and visual effects artist. He has brought his experience in the world of film to bear in creating these educational videos.

To view the Foster Swift Entertainment Law videos, please visit: http://www.fosterswift.com/services-Entertainment-Law.html