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Gazelle Girl Charms Foster Swift for Fourth Year

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April 19, 2017

LANSING, Mich. — What gets women across Grand Rapids together to pursue a healthy lifestyle? The Gazelle Girl Half Marathon! For the fourth consecutive year, Foster Swift Collins & Smith P.C. has increased its sponsorship as well as its employee participation in the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon. This year's event will take place on Sunday, April 23 in Downtown Grand Rapids.

As one of the few all-women races in Michigan, women participating in the race are encouraged to run with their mothers, sisters, daughters and grandmothers to promote a healthy lifestyle for women across generations. Foster Swift's generational sponsorship is focused on recognizing these runners. An atmosphere of support and encouragement between women is what makes the Gazelle Girl races one of a kind.

Foster Swift attorney Mindi Johnson has been running the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon for four years. Though Johnson does not run with any members of her family, she sees the event as a valuable learning opportunity for her children.

"Not only does the race help show the benefits of an active lifestyle, it also gives me an opportunity to teach them about working hard to achieve your goals", said Mindi Johnson, shareholder in Foster Swift's Grand Rapids office.

Foster Swift has many active runners and sponsors a variety of races over the course of each year. Through sponsorship of the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon, Foster Swift seeks to contribute to the race's charity partners that support organizations benefitting women and children throughout Michigan.