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Business Contracts

Every business enters into contractual relationships. All too often businesses enter into written contracts without the benefit of a comprehensive legal review. Many times, these companies forfeit important rights or become saddled by unfavorable business terms.  

Contract review by an experienced attorney can help prevent a business from entering into an unfair contract while preserving the business relationship between the contracting parties.

From reviewing and drafting contracts to protecting your interests during contentious negotiations, our attorneys have the skills to meet your needs.  The focus is always on efficiently and effectively meeting the needs of our clients and making sure that the contract agreements align with the organization's operational goals.  Our clients range from individuals and small start-up enterprises to publicly-traded corporations. We regularly review and draft a variety of contracts for our clients, including:

  • Asset and stock purchase agreements;
  • Confidentiality agreements;
  • Limited liability company operating agreements;
  • Partnership agreements;
  • Employment agreements;
  • Shareholder agreements;
  • Contracts for the purchase or sale of goods or services;
  • Lease agreements;
  • Joint venture agreements;
  • Governmental contracts;
  • Purchase orders and acceptances; and
  • Contracts involving international parties.

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