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Entertainment Law

Foster Swift entertainment lawyers counsel clients on a wide range of issues involving entertainment law, such as film financing, project management, distribution, intellectual property, licensing and optioning of rights. Entertainment law encompasses many broad legal categories. The attorneys at Foster Swift can help artists, writers and producers handle contract, merchandising, securities, employment, taxation, litigation and contested rights issues. Our lawyers work closely with artists, talent and their management to help them pursue their careers successfully.

Our services in the following areas include working with:

  • Film/Television: Studios, Screenwriters, Producers, Directors, Casting Directors, Music Directors, Managers, Agents, Actors and Actresses, Animators, Distributors, Production Companies
  • Music: Composers, Songwriters, Producers, Recording Artists and Bands, Musicians, Managers, Agents, Publishing Companies, Record Labels, Distributors, Digital Download Companies, Performing Rights Societies, Concert Promoters
  • Theater: Playwrights, Composers, Lyricists, Producers, Managers, Actors and Actresses
  • Literature: Authors (fiction, nonfiction and technical), Publishers, Electronic Publishers
  • Advertising: Models, Photographers, Writers and Singers of Jingles, Agencies

Foster Swift's entertainment lawyers work diligently on behalf of our clients to provide a strategic legal focus and cover necessary details so the artists can do what they do best: create.

Please contact us for any entertainment law questions or assistance with proposed projects you may be developing. 



Inspiration Arises From Disaster: A Film Project Over a Decade in the Making

The ongoing pandemic has wreaked havoc on the film industry, with most theaters shut down in 2020. Even now, many blockbuster films have gone straight to streaming services. One local filmmaker's vision began nearly a decade before the COVID pandemic. It all started with another tragic disaster, but from that disaster, a story unfolded and inspired a film project. 

Foster Swift's Business Development Team sat down with one of the founders and the Director of AI OK MEDIA, LLC, based in Saint Johns, Michigan, to discuss what disaster inspired this film, where they currently stand with the project and how the attorneys at Foster Swift, helped them overcome some of the hurdles along the way.

Read the full story here...


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