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Attorney Directory

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Photo of Alexander A. Ayar
Alexander A. Ayar Shareholder
Southfield, Detroit T 248.538.6326


Lansing T 517.371.8155
Photo of Dirk H. Beckwith
Dirk H. Beckwith Shareholder
Southfield T 248.539.9918
Photo of Zachary W. Behler
Zachary W. Behler Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8323
Photo of Alicia W. Birach
Alicia W. Birach Shareholder
Southfield T 248.785.4721
Photo of Michael R. Blum
Michael R. Blum Shareholder
Southfield, Detroit T 248.785.4722
Grand Rapids, Lansing T 616.726.2209
Photo of Karl W. Butterer
Karl W. Butterer Shareholder
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2212


Photo of Scott A. Chernich
Scott A. Chernich Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8133
Photo of Allan J. Claypool
Allan J. Claypool Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8264
Lansing T 517.371.8124
Photo of Mark J. Colon
Mark J. Colon Senior Attorney
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2213


Lansing T 517.371.8163
Photo of Jonathan J. David
Jonathan J. David Shareholder
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2243
St. Joseph T 269.408.9003
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2232
Photo of Scott A. Dienes
Scott A. Dienes Shareholder
St. Joseph T 269.408.9004
Photo of Richard A. Dietz
Richard A. Dietz Senior Attorney
Southfield T 248.539.9907
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2247
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2258
Photo of James B. Doezema
James B. Doezema Shareholder
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2205
Photo of Lauren B. Dunn
Lauren B. Dunn Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8324


Lansing T 616.726.2216


Photo of Adam A. Fadly
Adam A. Fadly Shareholder
Southfield T 248.539.9904
Photo of Joel C. Farrar
Joel C. Farrar Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8305
Photo of Julie I. Fershtman
Julie I. Fershtman Shareholder
Detroit, Southfield T 248.785.4731
Photo of Gilbert M. Frimet
Gilbert M. Frimet Senior Attorney
Southfield T 248.538.6353


Photo of Taylor A. Gast
Taylor A. Gast Associate
Lansing T 517.371.8238
Photo of Laura J. Genovich
Laura J. Genovich Shareholder
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2238
Photo of Anna K. Gibson
Anna K. Gibson Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8280
Southfield T 248.538.6332
Southfield T 248.538.6354
Lansing T 517.371.8147


Photo of Lisa J. Hamameh
Lisa J. Hamameh Shareholder
Southfield T 248.539.9906
Photo of Clifford L. Hammond
Clifford L. Hammond Senior Attorney
Southfield, Detroit T 248.538.6324
Photo of Richard L. Hillman
Richard L. Hillman Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8129
Photo of Scott H. Hogan
Scott H. Hogan Shareholder
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2207
Photo of Barbra E. Homier
Barbra E. Homier Shareholder
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2229
Photo of Michael D. Homier
Michael D. Homier Shareholder
Grand Rapids, Lansing T 616.726.2230
Photo of Todd W. Hoppe
Todd W. Hoppe Shareholder
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2246
Photo of Katila  Howard
Katila Howard Associate
Lansing T 517.371.8126
Photo of Matt G. Hrebec
Matt G. Hrebec Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8256


Photo of Melissa J. Jackson
Melissa J. Jackson Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8106
Photo of Charles A. Janssen
Charles A. Janssen Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8262
Photo of Mindi M. Johnson
Mindi M. Johnson Shareholder
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2252
Photo of Stephen I. Jurmu
Stephen I. Jurmu Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8260


Photo of Nancy L. Kahn
Nancy L. Kahn Shareholder
Southfield T 248.539.9912
Photo of John M. Kamins
John M. Kamins Shareholder
Southfield T 248.785.4727
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2203
Photo of Richard C. Kraus
Richard C. Kraus Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8104


Photo of Ryan E. Lamb
Ryan E. Lamb Senior Attorney
Holland T 616.796.2503
Photo of David M. Lick
David M. Lick Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8100
Photo of Michael J. Liddane
Michael J. Liddane Senior Attorney
Southfield T 248.539.9910
Photo of Ray H. Littleton
Ray H. Littleton Shareholder
Southfield T 248.539.9903
Photo of Stephen J. Lowney
Stephen J. Lowney Shareholder
Lansing, Grand Rapids T 517.371.8272; 616.726.2262


Photo of Frank T. Mamat
Frank T. Mamat Shareholder
Southfield, Detroit T 248.539.9919
Photo of Scott L. Mandel
Scott L. Mandel Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8185
Photo of John W. Mashni
John W. Mashni Associate
Lansing T 517.371.8257
Photo of Gary J. McRay
Gary J. McRay Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8285
Photo of Thomas R. Meagher
Thomas R. Meagher Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8161
Photo of Douglas A. Mielock
Douglas A. Mielock Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8203
Photo of Paul J. Millenbach
Paul J. Millenbach Shareholder
Southfield, Detroit T 248.539.9908
Photo of Ryan S. Mills
Ryan S. Mills Associate
Lansing T 517.371.8127
Photo of Liza C. Moore
Liza C. Moore Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8281


Photo of John P. Nicolucci
John P. Nicolucci Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8224
Photo of David  Nows
David Nows Associate
Lansing T 517.371.8131


Photo of Nicholas M. Oertel
Nicholas M. Oertel Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8139
Photo of Tyler J. Olney
Tyler J. Olney Associate
Southfield, Lansing T 517.371.8239
Photo of Steven L. Owen
Steven L. Owen Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8282


Photo of Benjamin J. Price
Benjamin J. Price Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8253


Photo of Brian J. Renaud
Brian J. Renaud Shareholder
Southfield T 248.539.9913
Photo of Frank H. Reynolds
Frank H. Reynolds Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8244
Lansing T 517.371.8303
Photo of David R. Russell
David R. Russell Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8150


Photo of Michael D. Sanders
Michael D. Sanders Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8210
Photo of Brett R. Schlender
Brett R. Schlender Senior Attorney
Holland, Holland T 616.796.2505
Photo of Glen A. Schmiege
Glen A. Schmiege Senior Attorney
Lansing T 517.371.8100
Photo of Jean G. Schtokal
Jean G. Schtokal Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8276
Photo of Jonathan H. Schwartz
Jonathan H. Schwartz Senior Attorney
Southfield, Detroit T 248.538.6331
Photo of Patricia J. Scott
Patricia J. Scott Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8132
Photo of Anne M. Seurynck
Anne M. Seurynck Shareholder
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2240
Photo of Jack A. Siebers
Jack A. Siebers Shareholder
Grand Rapids, Holland T 616.796.2501
Photo of Stephen W. Smith
Stephen W. Smith Senior Attorney
St. Joseph T 269.983.1400
Photo of Webb A. Smith
Webb A. Smith Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8157
Photo of Scott A. Storey
Scott A. Storey Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8159
Photo of Deanna  Swisher
Deanna Swisher Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8136


Photo of Thomas R. TerMaat
Thomas R. TerMaat Shareholder
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2251
Photo of Brent A. Titus
Brent A. Titus Shareholder
Lansing T 517.371.8268


Grand Rapids T 616.726.2221
Southfield T 248.538.6330
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2201
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2234


Photo of Paul D. Yared
Paul D. Yared Senior Attorney
Grand Rapids T 616.726.2250


Grand Rapids T 616.726.2223