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Municipal Prosecution

One of the challenges facing municipalities is the efficient, economical and effective prosecution of ordinance violations including the Uniform Traffic Code and violations of the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code. Knowledge of the law, proper procedure, and an ability to work closely with police and code enforcement officers is a must.

For many years, Foster Swift attorneys have managed such prosecutions for municipalities. An efficient system of docket control and advance preparation allows us to get the best possible results for clients. Even though Foster Swift has the seasoned trial experience required for this position, we work to save client's time and money by reaching reasonable resolutions whenever possible. Subsequently, it is rare for cases to proceed to trial unless there is a solid issue to justify the time and expense.

Foster Swift attorneys work closely with clients to develop and maintain efficient policies to enforce local ordinances and when circumstances dictate, we may recommend new ordinances or ordinance amendments. For several clients, we have been instrumental in developing and drafting municipal civil infraction ordinances to facilitate cost recovery and to ensure fair and efficient enforcement of the law.

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