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Understanding Equine Liability and How to Avoid Disputes with Insurers

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United States Hunter-Jumper Association (“USHJA”)
July 22, 2024

The United States Hunter-Jumper Association (“USHJA”) has asked Foster Swift shareholder, Julie Fershtman, to present a webinar on equine-related liability issues. Her first presentation is titled: “Understanding Equine Liability and How to Avoid Disputes with Insurers.”

This USHJA webinar is of great importance to all equine industry professionals in all disciplines as it addresses in a clear way:

  • Liabilities in the equine industry that directly impacts professionals, such as equine activity liability acts.
  • Liabilities in the two states without these statutes (California and Maryland).
    • What these statutes do and how they differ.
  • Proactive measures that equine professionals and others in the industry can consider taking right now, such as:
    • Proper liability insurance for the professional’s activities,
    • Waiver/release documents (where allowed by law) and common characteristics of effective documents,
    • Equine activity liability act sign posting and/or contract language requirements found in several states that affect equine industry professionals.