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Can a Business Survive a Divorce?

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Foster Swift Second Wednesday Lunch Break
April 12, 2023

Business Divided in DivorceA business can survive many things. However, if you own a business that you started prior to marrying your spouse, you may find yourself in a far more difficult situation should you file for divorce.

In a perfect world, the couple can work together to decide how to split up property and assets. More often than not, that is usually not the case as couples will dispute ownership and things can get complicated very quickly. How will the business be impacted? Will everything have to be divided 50/50?

Please join us for our next 2nd Wednesday Lunch Break, where moderator Mike Cassar and family law attorney Jackie Duper will discuss strategies to protect business assets when a relationship ends. 

When: April 12, 2023 from 12:00-12:30 pm
Registration: https://bit.ly/2ndWeds2023

Jackie will discuss:

  • Property division
    • What is considered marital property v. separate personal property?
    • Other steps to protect your assets including appraisals and the importance of thorough bookkeeping.

If you have any questions about property division in the meantime, contact your family law attorney.