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Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions

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Stephen W. Smith
Foster Swift Finance Real Estate & Bankruptcy Law News
November 15, 2019

1. When do contractors need to file a lien for nonpayment?

Michigan law gives contractors, subcontractors, laborers, and suppliers 90 days after their last furnishing of labor or material to a project to record a claim of lien against the project property. However, that is just one of many procedural requirements and restrictions associated with contractor liens in Michigan, so unpaid builders and vendors should consult with an experienced attorney.

2. What is my recourse if the property that I bought has issues that weren’t disclosed by the seller?

Depending on the particular circumstances of your purchase, you may have a claim of fraud against the seller. However, a claim of fraud comes with a high burden of proof in Michigan, so you will want to explore your circumstances with an experienced attorney.

3. What do I do if my property taxes seem too high?  

You can appeal them with your local municipality and/or with the Michigan Tax Tribunal. But you should first seek the help of an experienced attorney to fully understand your property tax situation and, if you do have a basis for an appeal, how to present your best case.

If you seek further guidance on these issues or have further real estate questions, contact Steve Smith or another member of Foster Swift's Finance, Real Estate and Bankruptcy practice group.