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UPDATE: The End of the Michigan Marriage Amendment? What it Means for Employers

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Karl W. Butterer and Lauren B. Dunn
Foster Swift Employment, Labor & Benefits E-News
March 28, 2014

On March 25, 2014, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals stayed the federal trial court ruling in DeBoer v Snyder pending final disposition of the State of Michigan's appeal of the decision.

For employers this means that the Michigan Marriage Amendment which bans same-sex marriage remains the law in Michigan until the Sixth Circuit decides the State of Michigan's appeal of the DeBoer ruling. Gov. Rick Snyder has indicated that the State of Michigan will not recognize same-sex marriages that were entered into between the time the court struck down the Michigan Marriage Amendment and the stay of that decision by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Significantly, Eric Holder, the United States Attorney General announced Friday, March 28, 2014 that the federal government will recognize these marriages for purposes of applying federal law.

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