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Reimbursement for International Marketing Activities

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Jean G. Schtokal
Foster Swift Agricultural Law Update
July 2011

Did you know that the Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) and the Food Export Association of the Midwest (Food Export-Midwest) offer a 50 percent cost reimbursement on certain pre-approved eligible international marketing and promotional activities for Michigan small to medium sized businesses?

The goal is to promote Michigan brand name food and agricultural products in international markets. Under the Branded Program, eligible Michigan companies can receive reimbursement for $2,500 to $300,000 of expenses for certain eligible activities such as attending international trade shows, translating labels and product inserts, packaging modification, advertising, freight cost for samples, and more. Food and agricultural products that qualify for the program include produce, meat, dairy products, feed grains, pet food, processed foods and other agricultural products. To the extent a product has plant or animal based compounds that comprise at least 50% of the content by volume, reimbursement funding might be available. This can include animal and plant based products such as cosmetics and fiber products, for example, that meet the content requirements.

The program is funded through the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (USFAS). The Michigan Department of Agriculture wants to help your company promote its Michigan food and agriculture products in the global market. For more information please call us or see the following links: